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Wed Sep 28 23:41:22 UTC 2022

I've recently subscribed and am enjoying the discussions here. I've been a
potter for about 15 years after accidentally falling in love with clay
doing a parent/teen class with my then 12 year old. (He discovered music
and stopped doing pottery. I never left.)

Recently, I took on the work of glaze chemist at my local studio and have
been learning everything I can from our kiln tech (who has forgotten more
than I will ever know about ceramics) and reading and studying widely. We
work in cone 6 oxidation, with various stoneware clays.

My most recent glaze success was in adjusting a celadon recipe I had used
in a prior studio, but which crazed badly on our clay bodies. Because I
don't have the decision-making power to change clays at the studio, I
experimented with adding additional silica to the glaze and discovered that
an additional 2% was all it took to eliminate the crazing. (At least on a
test tile. More testing in progress!)

I am very much enjoying the 'mad science' aspect of glaze chemistry and am
fortunate to have a wonderful glaze lab with more materials than I will
probably need in a lifetime of mixing glazes.

If anyone is interested in the kind of work I make, my pottery website is:

Regarding the digest itself: is there a way to get messages individually
rather than as a single daily digest? Trying to reply to a long digest
message is unwieldy,  esp on my phone.

Best regards,
Lisa Janice (LJ) Cohen
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