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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Thu Sep 29 10:21:08 UTC 2022

Clayart is doing its job.  Waiting for complex questions from any potter, clay worker.
The problem is the society.  Folks are frightened to ask.  It is the same all over the
country, in many fields. If you say the wrong thing, think the wrong thing, someone will attack
you. And, they know they will always have the right answer...they are smarter than anyone else.

The moderator is not frightened. No one can change my belief systems. They belong to me.
Just because some elite person decides we should rip down the Lincoln Memorial, we do
not have to do it.  Throw `them` out.

We all have gone through some big changes in Ceramics. Years back we had wood kiln questions.
Gas kiln questions....I spent three years of my life writing about gas kilns. Not too many folks
are even interested any longer. We now speak of "computer programs" and what is best.

Glaze problems are now advanced chemistry. I do not put on a white lab coat, hat and mask
to make a simple glaze using a digital scale that measures to the thousands of
an ounce.. I fire hot enough to melt stuff.

Why do you even think I want to fire fast. Mix glaze without a scale. "Take chances of failure".
???  I continue the joy and adventure of making pots that are all mine. I love it when folks say
to me..."My that glaze is beautiful."  It was my intention. I seek beauty.

I lived through the death of painting in this country back in the 60's.  The death of aesthetics
in place of multi thousand dollar paintings that were junk. I am living through a time of obscene
art right now, anything goes "look at me, see what I can do????
 and the dirtier the better. No one cares about it at all.  Art departments are
being closed. It too is junk.

Many of us on this list have dedicated our lives to quality work and pure aesthetic pleasure. We make
our customers happy with usable, lovely objects that can be passed to their children.

I can make a set of communion vessels out of clay. The Church that orders them are thrilled with the beauty.
I too can make a set of dishes for Mrs. Johnson that she will set out for all to see at her dinner table.
It is called "quality". We spend our lives trying for "QUALITY".  That has always been the foundation of
clayart. Potters and 3d clay artists that want to make a difference in the world of art and design.

Many of you I know as friends.  I am proud of clayart, and how it has helped thousands. It will survive. But,
will the society????? That is the question.
I left painting and joined the world of clay. Complex rules of physics and chemistry had to be studied. You had
to build a kiln, make clay and glaze and fire. We are a part of thousands of years of potters. Then one day I
thought..."screw those NY elite painters..." Now I paint for me, and me alone. And love it.

website: www.melpots.com

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