[Clayart] mad glaze chemistry

carol at knighten.org carol at knighten.org
Thu Sep 29 18:27:04 UTC 2022

Hi Lisa -

Thanks for writting to clayart and telling us of your experiences.  I enjoyed
looking at your website.

Yes, the 'mad scientist' aspect of working with glazes is great fun.

With regard to fixing the crazing problem with that celadon glaze by adding a
bit of silica - one way to get the silica 'just righ' would be to add silica
until the glaze again crazes, then choose something in  the middle.
Alternatively a line blend from the original glaze to a 10% addition would
likely be informative.

I've reached the glaze nut stage, where I mostly make pots for the purpose of
testing glazes.

    Carol Marians       
    (541) 296-4528
  carol at knighten.org 

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