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Snail,Found this discussion thread from Ceramic Arts Daily:
Yes, Arnold is a good resource but perhaps just call Paragon as you
would need to replace the 208V elements, just need to find out how it
affects change in amp draw.

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 208v kilns are typically used in schools and other buildings where
that is the setup. It’s best to change the elements to 220v ones. I
did that for my Skutt and it has performed beautifully. The phase
needs to match the electrical supply where you’ll be using it,
though. Most houses in the US use single phase, if that helps.

 Karen Shuler
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 > On Apr 6, 2023, at 9:51 PM, Snail Scott  wrote:
 > My old Knight kiln (‘Rocinante’) needs extensive work,
including a new sitter control block and about 20 new bricks: big $$.
I am looking at an old Paragon kiln as a ‘parts’ kiln for it, for
about $50 less than the parts would cost new. Not worth the drive for
parts alone, but...
 > It occurs to me that the Paragon may actually be in better shape
than the Knight, but it is that rare bird, a 208V single-phase kiln.
Since most 208V kilns are three-phase, I have no experience with this
version of the power supply. Can anyone explain how this system works,
and whether it makes any sense to use it with a 220V box? I am
embarrassed by my lack of understanding, here…
 > (I have chatted with Arnold H already, but he does this for money,
and it is not cool to demand too much of his time for free, just to
teach me basic electrical theory.)
 > -Snail

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