[Clayart] old software - switch to Glazy

John Post johnpost89a at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 23:59:59 UTC 2023

The online website Glazy is the be all and end all of glaze software.

It does everything - if you need to swap out Kona Feldspar for Minspar in a
glaze it can do that.
If you want to keep track of glazes by uploading photos, it can do that.
If you want to search for glazes others have created or used on their work,
it can do that too.
It also plots where glazes sit on the Stull Diagram and shows you other
glazes that are similar in composition. It generates all of that unity
formula info too.

My favorite part is the line blend and biaxial blend features that are
available to members who donate $2 a month. Derk Au has just done a
fantastic job in making Glazy work.

In the past I used Glazchem software and still have it on my computer, but
I have completely switched over to Glazy as it is just a better designed

If you want to get started with Glazy, there is tons of information on how
to do it on this page.


(Derek has not added a coffee can and spoons feature so Mel will have to
muddle by with his kitchen drawer implements measuring system.)

John Post
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