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Here is an important resource of interest to at least a few: https://ftp.idu.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/ebook/tdg/TERRAMECHANICS%20AND%20MOBILITY/Handbook%20of%20Clay%20Science%20(%20PDFDrive%20).pdf

Peeking in at threads I like these experiments with slow cooling hard glazes to develop crystallinity. You know, it was about 100 years ago that crystalline glazes (ZnO, TiO2, & cia.) for decorative effect more or less kicked off whole fields of new material development -- glass-ceramics, photosensitive glasses and glazes, superior refractories, electronic components.... ceramic pigments, anyway, just a random thought to leave behind.

Have a dusty day. 

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> I love to tell John Post's story. Elementary teacher that
> loved kids, clay, adventure. His best story is he was nominated
> as "teacher of the year" in one school, and the principal in another
> school wanted him fired. Kids were noisy and un-kept with clay all over them.
> John retired, He and his wife moved to Arizona and built a small studio for clay, and
> got all wrapped up with online teaching clay to elementary teachers and
> then he fell in love with glaze calculation.
> He has a gas kiln, makes pots, and does wonderful glaze calc.
> it is his nitch.
> without our fine technology people here on clayart we would be in the
> woods, not knowing our way.
> Ron Roy has personally helped me many times. His suggestions and help are
> always appreciated.
> When I started doing pots at cone 6-7 both electric and gas
> the Mel6 claybody was born. Redart 30% black iron oxide and
> electric fired. the glaze came from Ron, through Tony. It is perfect
> for me, fits the clay body, melts well.  And it is not complex with
> dozens of ingredients. I love the simplicity of my clay, pots, glazes
> and firing techniques. And for sure, I love a hot kiln, get the stuff
> melted. cone 6 is not hot enough, cone 8 makes things run. so, it is
> cone 7 totally over. light reduction. Down fire as I wish.
> If you do not know what you are doing...ask a professional.  They are here
> to help and guide us. And, like taking your dog to the vet, it is not free.
> Pay a professional, for professional help.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML
> End of Clayart Digest, Vol 89, Issue 25
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