[Clayart] february blues

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Feb 1 03:07:48 UTC 2023

It is that time again. it was -26F this morning. all of my
ceramic, pottery equipment is frozen solid. we have had so
much snow that three of our kiln covers have cracked rafters
and are falling in. No  kilns hurt.  I did put some 3/4 inch
pipe from concrete floor to rafters above my small stoneware.
It does help the blues crash in on me.  But, it is winter and
things happen. I am snug in my house, and all is well. And we are a bit
concerned about flooding this spring. My house is 12 feet above the
flood plain. No worries for me.

I am full go in a new book.(about a hundred hours) the title is: "Letters to Colleen".
the books direction is all the stories and adventures I have had
in my life and have chatted with Colleen about, she has done the
same and her stories are included. About 70% of the book is clay
related. The book is not going to be for sale. Most of my older pals
on clayart know the stories already.

This book is electronic and will be put away for my GreatGreatGrandson
to read when he is 35. His name is Melvin. A brand new "good" thumb drive, wrapped
in water proof plastic and at the bottom of my fireproof safe.

A great cure for the blues is sitting at a computer and writing your own
story for your future family. it is the story of your life. And many forget
that it is important. If nothing else, write the story of your clay life, how it
started, how you love it. It will give future people a glimpse as to your value as
an artist/craftsperson. Memorize that all the text messages and emails will be
flushing down the electronic hole.

It is like saving some of your best work for your future family, not born yet.
They deserve to know you had great value and you were not marching down to the
cliff with the lemmings in 2023.

You are part of that valued gang of men and women potters that goes back thousands of
years..Those that solved the problems. Earth,Fire and Water. The clay vessel.
Love to all, mel

website: www.melpots.com

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