[Clayart] Best cone 10 reduction kiln load of my entire career!

Carolyn Curran cncpots2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 13:22:39 UTC 2023

Last night my  little old trusty updraft Wrap portable kiln gave me the
best firing  of superb copper red glazes  I have ever, ever had in my 50
plus years as a potter.   Handsome celadons and other high fire reduction
glazes  as well that are not always easily  achieved.   Great tea
bowls---how I love tea bowls---and  my favorite Ibottle forms and  even
some  of my 1" high porcelain miniatures.  Everything came  together: form,
execution,  glaze!   EVERYTHING!   What  a gift from the kiln gods to this
aging potter suffering for a month with   a Temporal arteritis
symptoms!    Alas,  those wonderful pots were only part of a  prednisone
induced dream, but what a super  dream  to cherish while i am not able to
play in  clay.  At least my brain is not on vacation from my beloved  life
long choice of career.   Perhaps I will dream again tonight.    Carolyn
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