[Clayart] february blues

Gail Dapogny gdapogny at umich.edu
Sat Feb 4 22:37:50 UTC 2023

Mel, please remind us of who and what Coleen is.

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> On Jan 31, 2023, at 10:11 PM, mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:
> It is that time again. it was -26F this morning. all of my
> ceramic, pottery equipment is frozen solid. we have had so
> much snow that three of our kiln covers have cracked rafters
> and are falling in. No  kilns hurt.  I did put some 3/4 inch
> pipe from concrete floor to rafters above my small stoneware.
> It does help the blues crash in on me.  But, it is winter and
> things happen. I am snug in my house, and all is well. And we are a bit
> concerned about flooding this spring. My house is 12 feet above the
> flood plain. No worries for me.
> I am full go in a new book.(about a hundred hours) the title is: "Letters to Colleen".
> the books direction is all the stories and adventures I have had
> in my life and have chatted with Colleen about, she has done the
> same and her stories are included. About 70% of the book is clay
> related. The book is not going to be for sale. Most of my older pals
> on clayart know the stories already.
> This book is electronic and will be put away for my GreatGreatGrandson
> to read when he is 35. His name is Melvin. A brand new "good" thumb drive, wrapped
> in water proof plastic and at the bottom of my fireproof safe.
> A great cure for the blues is sitting at a computer and writing your own
> story for your future family. it is the story of your life. And many forget
> that it is important. If nothing else, write the story of your clay life, how it
> started, how you love it. It will give future people a glimpse as to your value as
> an artist/craftsperson. Memorize that all the text messages and emails will be
> flushing down the electronic hole.
> It is like saving some of your best work for your future family, not born yet.
> They deserve to know you had great value and you were not marching down to the
> cliff with the lemmings in 2023.
> You are part of that valued gang of men and women potters that goes back thousands of
> years..Those that solved the problems. Earth,Fire and Water. The clay vessel.
> Love to all, mel
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML

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