[Clayart] short colleen story

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Feb 6 14:44:16 UTC 2023

one day in the studio Colleen said to me "Mel, there is the nicest man
in the art dept at the U. His name is Paul and he seems to be around now and then
and helps me, and he is the director of facility and technology for
the department. We should take him to lunch."  Mmm, mmm
 Paul Linden. hmmm.
So, we did. She ran in and got him, I was driving. He got in the
car and said.."Boy, it sure is good to see you Mel." Paul was one
of my star kids and took clay for three years. Colleen at that moment
found out that Paul was her secret "guardian angel". (he did help many
students as he was a fine wood carver (note fine craftsman), and studied in Sweden, and knew
how many kids were in the dark in that department. Plus, he was just
an A+person.

When Colleen went to our fine "Dunwoody Institute after the U degree, she studied full
time Graphic Art, computer art. The same thing happened. She said the director of
the program said he knew about me because he went to Hopkins and spent three years
with Mel. "I am a college teacher in art because of Mel".  She never lacked for
top notch instruction.  She would just shake her head and smile.
I added a picture of colleen with one of her 100lb pots. The Diana Pancioli (oil belly for those
that speak Italian, Diana has many relatives in Italy, and some made (pressed) olive oil. thus oil belly.
Colleen made her pot in Diana's style, curved scales of clay.
mel, just sitting here smiling. care, respect and love. a perfect combination.

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