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I was out of town when this thread really started, so I’m not sure if I’m commenting on what it was really originally about or not.  But I did see Vince’s post about his experience of writing a book, and his saying that Mel had said that no one writes a ceramics book, or really any text book, to make money.  
I made a fair amount of money the first year my book came out, but it’s of course declined every year since.  And I got to do a lot of workshops as a result of writing it, but no one does that to make money either.  You don’t if you count the time for either of those things.  I spent pretty much all my spare time for 3 1/2 years to write my book.  
When ACerS first asked me to write a book, my thought was that that would be a great thing to have done, but not a great thing to do.  I was really right about that.
I would also say that one of the hardest parts of writing a ceramics book is finding a topic or an angle that isn’t been covered extensively already.  Vince did that.  But no one needs another book on surface decoration or throwing.
The real reward is in passing on a helpful body of information and seeing what other people do with that.
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