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At age 66 I find myself busier than ever before, so I am curious to hear
from you about time lines once you committed yourself to work with a

My publisher is ACerS.  In the first place, they invited me to write a book.  Also, they had a huge library of books and articles that they drew on for me.  They also had a huge collection of objects that we could have used for illustrations, although in the end we did not.  One of the things they send me from their library was the complete run of Keramik Studio, Adelaide Alsop Robineau’s magazine, every issue from 1896 through to 1926, bound by year.  Amazing.
I had the dream deal with a publisher, and Bill Jones was the best editor I could have imagined.  They gave me no limits on time, length of the book, or number of photos.  Unheard of.  Also, since Fred Sweet and I had edited and proofread the thing extensively, Bill only changed one sentence in the whole book.  However, I did not get an advance.  I think if you get an advance, they want more control.
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