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When I was a full-time studio potter in Blue Lake, California and my wife Linda and I were looking at graduate programs, a glassblower friend Dick Marquis knew Bruce Breckenridge and set things up for me to have a phone call with him.  He was wonderful on the phone, warm and accessible, very accommodating, in no hurry, interested in me and my work.  This was in 1985, and Bruce was honest in telling me that I might not get accepted to U-Wisconsin doing functional pots.  It was a pleasant surprise when I did get accepted, and I called and thanked him, but also explained that U-Mass Amherst had offered both Linda (American History) and me teaching assistantships and tuition waivers for three years, and we couldn't afford to go to University of Wisconsin, where the offer was the possibility of a tuition waiver and/or TA in second year of a two-year program.  It would have been great working with Bruce and Don Reitz, but Linda and I never had any regrets about going to U-Mass Amherst.  It was wonderful.  But it is no longer wonderful, especially in 3-D media, unfortunately.  
- Vince

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Bruce was the head of the Education dept. at California College of Arts and Crafts, in Oakland, Ca. now called California College of the Arts, in San Francisco, Ca.

I received my Ba.of Art Ed. under him.
Anybody remember him? Mike Gordon

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