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Paul all the research  and knowledge that went into your book cannot be
bought with money.

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> At age 66 I find myself busier than ever before, so I am curious to hear
> from you about time lines once you committed yourself to work with a
> publisher.
> My publisher is ACerS.  In the first place, they invited me to write a
> book.  Also, they had a huge library of books and articles that they drew
> on for me.  They also had a huge collection of objects that we could have
> used for illustrations, although in the end we did not.  One of the things
> they send me from their library was the complete run of Keramik Studio,
> Adelaide Alsop Robineau’s magazine, every issue from 1896 through to 1926,
> bound by year.  Amazing.
> I had the dream deal with a publisher, and Bill Jones was the best editor
> I could have imagined.  They gave me no limits on time, length of the book,
> or number of photos.  Unheard of.  Also, since Fred Sweet and I had edited
> and proofread the thing extensively, Bill only changed one sentence in the
> whole book.  However, I did not get an advance.  I think if you get an
> advance, they want more control.
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