[Clayart] New directions!

Ginger Dunlap-Dietz gingerpots at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 22:09:33 UTC 2023

We’ll, at least it didn’t burn down and destroy everything!

We had here in the Anza Borrego Desert an incredible overnight wind storm
with much rain several days ago. One result among much local damage was
 that the roof blew off of the building housing my 20’ x 20’ studio.   Then
the walls collapsed taking what was within them to the ground.

Shelves tipped, boxes scattered, my big insulated curing refrigerator
tipped over, everything dirt covered, a total mess, massed indiscriminately
out of the rubble.  The good aspect is that my equipment is okay,  and most
of my stuff was hauled   to our porch by property owner and my husband and
me.  Now my job is to sort and rebox and figure out what to keep and what
to do next.

This is one of those circumstances that causes reflection and thought when
the excitement settles.
What have I learned and what direction forward?

I know some of my fellow clayartists will have had similar events in their
work lives.

Ginger D-D
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