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Dear Woof - 
B.S., B.S., and more B.S.  Why do that?
- Vince

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Potter, Writer, Teacher
Chapel Hill, NC
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Ya Eric I think I hear your muffled attempts at communication. Butt how long
can you stay up there holding your breath?

I've published my new book titled "Reading Comprehension for Snarky
Read excerpts of my opening chapter on <MyClayTube.Com'mon>

The book, already getting rave reviews for using only three and four-letter
words with a plethora of easily comprehended graphics, is touted to be a
must for people who haven't seen the sunshine for quite some time.
Now let's slap your Ham on my Rye, share a laugh. and be convivial munching

Love and best wishes,
Woof.......................................My Muse says we should invite you
over for dinner.......this afternoon she thinks she is
French.............and throwing around phrases like "Nous allons manger"
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See how you end up when you don't listen to your Mother!

On 2023-02-23 3:23 a.m., David Woof wrote:
> My Mum, an accomplished musician and vocalist always said "if you can't
say something good, it's best to say nothing at all."
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