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Hi Ginger - 
I can't help you with the latex thinner, but I used hot wax very safely for ten years in my studio in northern California.  The secret to using hot wax safely is to not heat it so hot.  Use a good electric frying pan or electric stew pot and keep the temperature at 180.  Add a bit of mineral oil to the melted paraffin to get the brushing consistency you want.  Use natural fiber brushes that won't be damaged by the hot wax.  

In California I was doing fairly high production, and for my wax I was using a electric stew pot - like an electric frying pan but deeper.  I drilled holes on opposite sides to support an axle, and mounted a natural-bristle paint roller on the axle so that the lower portion of the roller was in the wax.  I'd regularly add more wax and mineral oil to maintain the level.  With that setup, the foot of any pot could be rolled against the paint roller to wax it, and with a fairly short-nap roller, the wax would come up a uniform 1/8" on the sides.  
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It’s possible that my question about using liquid latex got lost in the
recent quiet time but I still would like an answer.   I use liquid latex
for masking in glaze application and would like to know what to use As a thinner. What brand is most useful? And what are some suggestions for use?  Wax resist doesn’t work for multi layer glaze masking and honestly don’t like having to wipe glaze off the wax before firing.

Thanks for responding in the New Year.  Good one to all.

ginger d-d
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