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David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
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Hi Steve,
Back in the day, I used to get parts and was able to discuss my needs with the Tecs at Continental Clay in MPLS.

Those Brent foot pedals from that era were hyper-sensitive to moisture and dust.   At that time at UWEC we had to send the pedals back to Brent for repair at $300 US. (early 70's prices)
Whereas I could get the parts, usually both pedal "Trim pots," for neighborhood of $35.00 US.    See what they can offer you now.
The parts easy to replace and adjust for your functional preferences yourself.

Perhaps "Clay Art Center" of Tacoma, Wa. can help you,  Good people and close to home here on the NW Coast.

David Woof............................My Muse says,  " to save my money for fun stuff with her" and I say: "sure why not, how could that possibly go wrong?".........Ha............. inspiring stuff day dreams and imagination are made of...........edgy Vixen!!!
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Good morning.
Before I buy a brand new control box for my Brent wheel, I wanted to see if any one had a working used box?
It is a Model C from the 80's. The control box is 110 volts, non reversing and silver faced.
Thanks,Steve Dalton
Clear Creek Pottery
Lake Stevens, WA
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