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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Jan 6 12:53:26 UTC 2023

The thing I missed most coming back to my own studio after
a year and half in Japan was "rubber resist".  It was made from
seaweed, or something..but you could paint it on, let it dry and
put a small pin underneath it and pull and the entire resist would pop off.
I tried rubber mask latex, but it was never the same.

We used it for the foot ring, as a cover for Uchida's stamp, and simple decoration.
I used it as a painting technique for most of my decorative exhibition pots.

Sorry, I have never seen it here in the USA. Looked and asked for years.

A great decor maker is "wax color crayons".  Kids loved to use them when I taught.
Oil based crayons are great too.  A crayon in your hand gives you the feeling of
drawing, rather than brushing.

For me, it has always been hot wax, thinned with a bit of turpentine. If the dials
are still working, I heat the wax to about 360F.  I keep it hot, just at the edge
of smoking. (old electric frying pan.) I must have 35 wax brushes, only for wax...hard as bricks.
(I make a great many of my own wax brushes..."Golden Retriever" hair, hair from friends
and tiny brushes made from ("mata ortize style") children's hair.  The new fast dry epoxy
works well using a sprig of bamboo, and wrapping copper wire for a feral.
Every brush I use for wax gives me its own "look". Think of a inch and a half thin, dog
hair brush. It sort of does whatever it wants".
( "Curry" the golden always wondered what I was doing with the scissor and searching her
fur for the right thickness of hair. It really varies.)

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