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Mel I have one you gave me when you when you were in Florence SC at a conference how many years ago???? Still use it!!!!

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I have written before to use stainless steel fish/trolling line.
1- 50 foot spool on amazon will last for about twenty years.
cut off a length, put the ends together add a wood block with a hole.
twist the line together, or just stick one end on the wheel with wet clay
and spin the wheel.

you can make any size.  I kept the spool in the class room and the kids
made their own.   15 lb test was perfect for most needs.
they never wear out.  They cost just a few cents to make.And should they get into
the pug will you just cut them out...never use steel washers for ends..they kill the pug mill.

I make a clay blob, put a hole in the end, and then bisque fire them. My kids made cut off ends
with a logo, or animal head or initials.  "who's got my cut off wire with the wolf..oh, here it is.???"
when making mugs you have a ten inch cut off wire.  No need to wrap it around your hand four times.
if you are cutting off 20" plates you have a 26 inch cut off wire.

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