[Clayart] wire cut offs

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Jan 21 03:27:10 UTC 2023

I am very careful when I twist the wire on the knob...clay or wood.
It has to be wound tight and finish up against the knob.  snip off the
little ends, but a drop of epoxy will cure the sticks in the fingers.

I love the pattern that the twisted wire leaves on the bottom of the pot.
It is remindful of the "cat gut" sort of twisted cut offs the asians used.

AS many clayart experienced potters will do..."We look at the finish of the bottom
of the pot before admiring the pot."
We see so much. clay color, vitrified hardness, and I always look for the twisted wire look.
(rarely see it any longer.)  And, how the potter uses his inside thumb nail to make that tiny
soft roundness on the bottom.  Small things, speak loud and clear.  Fine craft always has tell-tales
to tell.

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