[Clayart] cut off wire pix

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Jan 21 15:18:50 UTC 2023

I have added a photo of my fish line cut offs on the
pix page of my website. bottom, right.
click below to go to my site.  note the spring loaded
wedging wire. they never break.

There are a series of pix of my hand made tools on that
page. The foot ring cutters are made from hack saw blades
and banding steel. Those are my originals from Japan.
We made a set of six cutters for every pot design we made
for Mr. Uchida. Sharpen them two times a day. Any day I might have
200 bowls to cut foot rings in.

The 3 workers had a bag full of hand made tools for every design
we made. The shape of the foot ring was designed into the cutter...half
round, flat and dagger shapes, everyone was made for the pot he designed it
for.  Nothing was generic. He would say..."the design of the foot ring was
integral to the total design". He was right you know.

there was no word that translated into Uchida Japanese for "short cut, or good enough."

My website is home made. I did that with pagemill from adobe and they only published that
program for a year.  I can change anything in minutes. I learned that from the ground up from
a student. I had to sneak that program through the back door of a garage to get it to work in
win 10. it is run as an "administrator"...  computers are made for intuitive people. Steve Jobs
had an artists brain. Remember he was responsible for all the great fonts with computers. he took
a class in calligraphy.

I build my own computers with ssd drives. It is a joy to do the hard stuff.
but, once you master it, it belongs to you forever.
any of you over 70...jump on a bike, balance comes back to you in four seconds.
if the last pot one made was 1986, that person could center in three seconds.

Remember, you that are artists and talented, most people in the world would love
to be you. You are already there.  Did any of us take a night school class in statistics?
Statisticians take night courses in pottery.

website: www.melpots.com

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