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Call to Wood stove, fireplace and fire Brick supply stores and companies for "Graffite Impregnated" door sealing gasket rope.       ( Or Amazon or Google the terms )

For Kiln doors it should be high temp."Ceramic Fiber" kiln door gasket rope.  Your Ceramic Materials Supply should have or direct you to a source, or Google with eyes open caution and looking for Temp rating.


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I had to replace the insulation on my wood burning stove a few years ago.
It is available at Menards.
At least it was then.
Easy to replace.  Good luck.
Mae Spencer

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> I posted this when we were having SPAM problems & it got lost. I'm
> looking for some kind of fiber cord maybe 1/4 " wide to insulate the doors
> of my cast iron wood burning stove. I could also use it in my kiln door.
> Thanks Mike Gordon
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