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Since things are quiet on Clayart regarding clay-related topics, I'll
respond to Mike and David's posts on a non-clay-related topic.  David's
response is spot-on.  The problem is not "not enough water" or "not enough
water storage."  The problem is too many people living in areas that cannot
continue to accommodate them.  The primary problem areas are the LA Basin,
The Las Vegas-Henderson Nevada area, and the Phoenix AZ area.  For anyone
who is interested, I would like to give a strong recommendation for two
books - Marc Reisner's "Cadillac Desert," and Wallace Stegner's "Beyond the
100th Meridian."  I listened to both from audible.com while working in the
studio, and thoroughly enjoyed them.  "Cadillac Desert" a thorough
examination of the struggle for water resources throughout the West and
especially the allocation and misallocation of water resources in the
Colorado River Basin and the hare-brained schemes to bring more water into
the Basin, primarily for the benefit of Southern California.   Everything by
Wallace Stegner is a worthwhile read, and "Beyond the 100th Meridian" is a
beautifully-written book about the life and accomplishments of Major John
Wesley Powell, the one-armed Civil War veteran who led the first expedition
by boat down the Colorado River all the way from Green River Station in
Wyoming Territory to the mouth of the Green River just east of Las Vegas,
Nevada.  The book covers the expedition in detail, but then goes on to cover
Powell's illustrious career as Director of the U.S. Geological Survey and
Director of the Bureau of Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution.  Powell
offered much wise counsel on water resources policy in the west until his
recommendations were horribly misdirected and misapplied by the Bureau of
Reclamation and the Army Core of Engineers.  That travesty is
well-documented in "Cadillac Desert."  

Okay, now go make some pots.
- Vince 

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Mike could it be, not that you don't have enough water, but that you have
too many people for the land?
Just asking.

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Well here in Sunny California  ( HA! ) we have had record snow fall in the
Sierra mountains that gives Ca. 30% of it's summer water. A quick thaw would
be terrible, lots of wasted water. it goes out to the ocean. We don't have
nearly enough water storage. And on top of that the weather watchers at the
state level say we are still in a drought! Mike Gordon
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