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Cadillac Desert is a wonderful book.  I read it with some others dealing
with how we misuse water in the US.  It is an older book but well worth a

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> Since things are quiet on Clayart regarding clay-related topics, I'll
> respond to Mike and David's posts on a non-clay-related topic.  David's
> response is spot-on.  The problem is not "not enough water" or "not enough
> water storage."  The problem is too many people living in areas that cannot
> continue to accommodate them.  The primary problem areas are the LA Basin,
> The Las Vegas-Henderson Nevada area, and the Phoenix AZ area.  For anyone
> who is interested, I would like to give a strong recommendation for two
> books - Marc Reisner's "Cadillac Desert," and Wallace Stegner's "Beyond the
> 100th Meridian."  I listened to both from audible.com while working in the
> studio, and thoroughly enjoyed them.  "Cadillac Desert" a thorough
> examination of the struggle for water resources throughout the West and
> especially the allocation and misallocation of water resources in the
> Colorado River Basin and the hare-brained schemes to bring more water into
> the Basin, primarily for the benefit of Southern California.   Everything
> by
> Wallace Stegner is a worthwhile read, and "Beyond the 100th Meridian" is a
> beautifully-written book about the life and accomplishments of Major John
> Wesley Powell, the one-armed Civil War veteran who led the first expedition
> by boat down the Colorado River all the way from Green River Station in
> Wyoming Territory to the mouth of the Green River just east of Las Vegas,
> Nevada.  The book covers the expedition in detail, but then goes on to
> cover
> Powell's illustrious career as Director of the U.S. Geological Survey and
> Director of the Bureau of Ethnology at the Smithsonian Institution.  Powell
> offered much wise counsel on water resources policy in the west until his
> recommendations were horribly misdirected and misapplied by the Bureau of
> Reclamation and the Army Core of Engineers.  That travesty is
> well-documented in "Cadillac Desert."
> Okay, now go make some pots.
> - Vince
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> Mike could it be, not that you don't have enough water, but that you have
> too many people for the land?
> Just asking.
> Misneach,
> Woof
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> Well here in Sunny California  ( HA! ) we have had record snow fall in the
> Sierra mountains that gives Ca. 30% of it's summer water. A quick thaw
> would
> be terrible, lots of wasted water. it goes out to the ocean. We don't have
> nearly enough water storage. And on top of that the weather watchers at the
> state level say we are still in a drought! Mike Gordon
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