[Clayart] Not receiving clay art correspondence

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 5 08:06:16 UTC 2023

Hi Ginger and all,   I've had to retrieve Ginger's and a number of others posts from my "junk" folder almost daily for quite a while now.  The price for "Artificial Intelligence" made decisions, Hey?
A.I. must hate us non-conforming "Mud People" and others who have clay on their pants.

And yes, Clayart is in a slow to post spell. Respiration to a seven per minute count and pulse count, up and down, at about the same.

So, Newbies, Wanna be's and Lurkers, a resounding welcome!!!
This could be your moment to shine.  Please don't be intimidated or turned off by the Puffery and occasional "love spats" undertaken by the the few self-proclaimed experts, because the final word in Ceramic Arts and Science will never be written on stone tablets.

Yours, what ever you post, will be a welcome contribution and even the most sincere but simple sounding "dumb answer or question" can be a well trod stepping stone.....to deeper thought and new discoveries by all of us able to shut our mouth, listen, and think!

Dance and sing like we ain't watching! you!

So goes the Woof Wheel as it spins merrily round and round.

David Woof..............................My muse is always advising me to shut up and think, because too many words attract Trolls just like shit attracts flies.........Today the little Vixen has covered her Naturally shining Raven hair with a long curly Flaming Red wig, and is saying all this stuff in her best imitation of a quaint Irish brogue like she's been kissing the Blarney Stone all morning.........That could actually be, because her lips appear slightly swollen, chapped, and perhaps a bit calloused.  Kinda cute and sexy, especially if she were a sax player from Northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. (Nibble nibble!!!)

Woof shut up, dream on, and make pots! You have another show looming!!!...............................................
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I haven’t been getting any of the clay art notes since the 24 of February.
Even though my studio blew down doesn’t mean I’m don’t want to hear the
wisdom you all offer.  Thanks.  Your words will help me reconstruct!

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