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Yes, I too have seen two tone clusters of mud dauber nests.  And have fired them also. I have observed the wasps collecting the clay they use from creek banks, mud puddles, and yes, our scrap clay slop if let sitting out to firm up again.

On another but related note: I have observed the Hornets who make the Paper nest constructions chewing wood fibers off aging wooden posts and boards which accounts for the traces of red coloration among the gray being from red barn boards.....or red painted wood...... whatever.

Unless molested, bees don't desire to sting any more than rattle snakes want to bite us.
In Nature there is always a life and death risk factor for all parties in any confrontation.

I talk to them in kind by directive terms and my voice tone and confident manner causes them to keep their distance.

Stinging runs the risk for the bee of getting swatted, and honey bee types literally lose their "tail" in the encounter. Not a good Las Vegas gamble to take unless defending their home and family.

David Woof..................my Muse is out in the studio reading some ancient sacred prophecies, (unusual for this tempestuous and squirrely little Vixen) and one prophecy that she says stands out for attention is connected to the historical fact that the majority in any population have always obstinately chosen to wallow in denial until it's too late to save their sorry behinds.....she says these sacred writing warnings link and sync perfectly with the Laundry list of "doom or else" just published by the United Nations....And I had thought my Muse was just a creative little raven haired Vixen, here to inspire my creative instincts..............now she's going deep, and I got to do more than just think about this stuff that's about to hit the fan........................................................................................................................................
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Potter wasp, Eumenes spp. (Vespidae), constructs a nest of clay that appears like a tiny vase attached to a twig or other object, provisioned with insect larvae (stung, paralyzed caterpillars and beetle larvae). Some potter wasp species utilize hollowed twigs, deserted mud wasp nests or cavities such as key holes or holes in brick walls of buildings for nesting sites. Adults are commonly seen foraging on flowers. Female potter wasps do not defend their nests, so nests can be scraped off surfaces and dissected to reveal larval or pupal stages and food stores. Wikpda

The problem we have at the farm from potter's wasps and mud daubers is that they will pack ends of hose for our kilns.
we have to dunk the hose ends in hot water, then clear the hole with a nail.
add the hose to our compressor and blow it out.

Most of the plugging of burners is done by spiders that can be fixed fast with a simple probe.

Being an old time bee keeper I really hate to destroy or spray bees or Wasps. A handy note to
pass on at a party. "never blow on bees to get rid of them. just be gentle and push the bee off
of you with your finger nail.

David Hendley of Texas collects and fires his wasp homes. As he says...:they use my clay to make
their homes and I fire them and sell them."  Actually I have seen two/tone nests. The potter obviously
uses both stoneware and porcelain clay.
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