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Hi Roxanne - 
As far as I know, for fuming, you take the pot out of the kiln red-hot and fume it in an exhaust booth or outdoors.  You don't fume it in your kiln, and you would not want to do that.  Keep in mind that the vapors from fuming processes are usually highly toxic.  If Beatrice Wood hadn't been fuming, she might have lived way beyond the early age of 104.  
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Subject: [Clayart] Fuming/luster

Has anyone tried fuming? I only have electric kiln right now. I have special heavy wiring APM . Will I ruin them with fuming (like our dear Beatrice Woods did?)

 Or should I stick to an all-over, in-glaze luster (that draws the metallic salts to the surface of the glaze by starving oxygen). Does anyone know where I can find such glaze recipes or discussions of the necessary ingredients? Any help is welcome!

Also I have inherited a bunch of lusters and need a broad description of the use and application of such. I think I used one once in 1970, maybe.
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