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50# Bags:

EPK: 1 full bag, 1 bag about ¾ full

Silica 200:1 full bag, 1 bag about ¾ full

Talc: about ¾ bag

Alumina Hydrate: about ½ bag

Ball Clay: about ¾ bag


10# more or less:

Red Art: full bag

Alberta Slip: full bag

Bentonite: close to full bag

Borax: close to full bag

5# more or less:

Bone Ash: approx. 5#

Dolomite: approx. 5#



Giffin Grip new

1 Box Thermal Ceramics Fire Brick (12)

Ohaus gram scale 700-800 model w/extra 

       1 kg weight

1 Talisman glaze sieve, used once


Raku Glaze:

1 Box of 15 Georgie’s assorted, 

         approx1/2 Cup jars

c1 pint Georgie’s Cascade: PG 810, 

Piepenburg Red-Bronze



Small cones (all partial boxes):



05 (2 boxes)




Large cones:

020, unopened package of 10

1, unopened box

9, opened box, but is close to full

10, opened box, but is close to full

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