Would love to purchase but there is a $30 shipping fee to Canada - too rich for my blood!

On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 2:21 PM John Hesselberth <jjhesselberth@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

The color edition is again available! We have been working with Echo Point Books & Media in Vermont. They have done a nice job publishing it at a reasonable price. Some of you may remember that we stopped printing it because we had to print 3000-4000 at a time to get un affordable price. As sales slowed when the book had been available for several years we could no longer make the economics work. Well, printing technology has changed. Echo Point Books & Media specializes in bringing out-of-print books back into print. In our case the retail price is a couple dollars less than our original price.

You can find it in at least three places:

Echo Point Books & Media:  https://www.echopointbooks.com/crafts/mastering-cone-6-glazes?rq=mastering

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Mastering-Cone-Glazes-Durability-Aesthetics/dp/1635618851/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3H7IEXADGNPRX&keywords=mastering+cone+6+glazes&qid=1579128374&sprefix=mastering+cone%2Caps%2C135&sr=8-5

Barnes & Noble:  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mastering-cone-6-glazes-john-hesselberth/1136022765?ean=9781635618853

There may be other places where it is for sale as Echo Point Books & Media casts a wide net. There are still a few people trying to sell the original edition at a high price, so be careful to look for this new edition.


Ron and John