I use a Bluebird 440s de-airing that I bought used.
It is aluminum barrel but I use for reclaiming stoneware.
Works well but small hopper and does not seal up to keep residual clay from drying if not used on regular basis.

When teaching I bought two Peter Puggers.
We had a VPM20 aluminum barrel for stoneware.
A VPM9-SS, stainless steel for porcelain.
Both were de-airing.
Wonderful machines, got lots of use recycling reclaim.
Hopper was big and served as a mixing chamber and pug mill, so one could add amendments to the clay and mix before pugging.
These machines could be easily sealed up to prevent clay from drying between use.


William Schran


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Hi guys. The last time I owned a pugmill was 22 years ago, before I came to
the USA.
I am considering one or probably 2 at this stage, stainless steel for
porcelain and another for stoneware clay.
What do I have to look for before I buy? Is it worth it to buy second hand.
If so, what should I look for? Thanks again.

Best wishes,

Antoinette Badenhorst

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