Thank you guys. Lots of info to process. Vince, you are a very lucky guy! The luckiest that I've heard about this far is an 18 year old daughter whose dad bought a stainless steel pugmill from a college for $100. The clay got stuck and it stopped working. They sold it "as is" thinking the motor went out. The dad opened and cleaned it. It works! 

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For 40 years, I used the Harry David vacuum-deairing pugmill I built in 1978 from the plans that eventually appeared in Harry's "The Potter's Alternative."  The plans were supplied to me by Hank Murrow.  I have a background in mechanics and welding, and it was a very advanced project.  The finished machine would pug and deair a ton an hour, but I never needed for it to do that much.  In my production studio in California it was a godsend because I never had to wedge clay and I could custom combine commercial claybodies. 

Three days ago, I got a notification from Craig's list that someone only ten miles from my home in North Carolina had a Bluebird 440 for sale in like-new condition.  I'm out in Northern California right now (Lava Beds National Monument, but I jumped on it, and the seller delivered it to my house yesterday, complete with a welded steel table with a stainless steel top.  This makes me very happy, because I want to process all my recycle, and I want to combine Starworks Star White-6 and one of their buff cone-10 bodies to get a body that matures at cone-8, because that's where my glazes and the soda effects look best in my soda-firings. 
- Vince 

Vince Pitelka
Potter, Writer, Teacher
Chapel Hill, NC

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I use a Bluebird 440s de-airing that I bought used.It is aluminum barrel but I use for reclaiming stoneware.Works well but small hopper and does not seal up to keep residual clay from drying if not used on regular basis.
When teaching I bought two Peter Puggers.We had a VPM20 aluminum barrel for stoneware.A VPM9-SS, stainless steel for porcelain.Both were de-airing.Wonderful machines, got lots of use recycling reclaim.Hopper was big and served as a mixing chamber and pug mill, so one could add amendments to the clay and mix before pugging.These machines could be easily sealed up to prevent clay from drying between use.

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 Hi guys. The last time I owned a pugmill was 22 years ago, before I came to  the USA.
 I am considering one or probably 2 at this stage, stainless steel for  porcelain and another for stoneware clay.
 What do I have to look for before I buy? Is it worth it to buy second hand.
 If so, what should I look for? Thanks again.

 Best wishes,

 Antoinette Badenhorst

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