thank you. Low and Mid range is not my area of knowledge. I have only fired in High fire for 4 1/2 years and spent 2 years training on firing a Soda Kiln.
When I was asked to help and do this firing I did not know what clays to suggest. I have used B-Mix 10 and we do stock B-Mix 5 at the league, but I was not sure if it would get the color 10 usually does in Soda. At Cone 6 will B-Mix get a blush or any color? I have a feeling the person who I am working with might want to rethink this at Cone 6 if it means sacrificing the orange peel effect that you would get in Cone 10. 

I have not used any of the Starworks clays, even though I have been interested in the wild clays they are offering. 

With the Mackenzie stoneware body what Fireclay are you using? Personally I would mix a clay for this firing and I do have access to a clay mixer. 

Again, thank you and I will also take a look at your current work. 

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Hi Tammy - 
Cone-6 is midrange, and the information on low-fire soda won't be of much use.  I have never heard of a midrange body with large amounts of talc.  Many white or buff midrange bodies work well in soda.  I have used Star white-6 (from Starworks) in midrange soda with very good results, but have also fired B-Mix with grog in soda with equally good results.  You will not get much orange peel texture in soda at cone-6.  If you look at the pots on my website you will get a sense of the surface I get with these claybodies.  The only ones with much orange peel were the ones pushed to between cone-7 and cone-8.  The ones near the bottom of the "current and recent work" page were made from a buff Mackenzie stoneware body I used for many years at the Appalachian Center for Craft, but I am happier with a lighter body in soda firing. 
- Vince 

Vince Pitelka
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Thank you Mel,

When you are subbing the talc for Redart, are you using equal amounts to replace one for the other?

As for your brown clay body, how dark is it and what kind of color are you getting in Soda or even Salt?

And yes we use Advancers also, but I was trained to only shoot in the soda through the peeps on the sides of the kiln aiming at the bagwall. 

Thanks again,

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The reason we have had a two year discussion
on making new clay bodies for mid range, 6,7 is
that many of the vendors were loading their bodies
up to 30 % talc.

Most of the talc mines in the U.S. are now shut down.
So, that problem has taken care of itself.

As many of you know, I sub "redart" for talc and have
a nice body for midrange.  Ron has built an almost
talc free white body. My brown body would soda fire just

We do high temp salt here at the farm.  In fact we fire
"ladies only" this weekend. We will hit cone 11 salt for sure.
They know what they are doing.

I know nothing about mid range soda.  We moved back to salt
about 8 years ago. Soda spray was very hit and miss, and we worried
about our advancers blowing up.