Reminds me of the story that old-style terracotta roof tiles (the half tubes seen all over the Mediterranean), were just formed over the thigh. Sadly, unlike the Cuban cigars said to be rolled on the thighs of nubile young women, these were probably burly chain-smoking hairy-legged men. (Although I can see that appealing to some members of the list). 

I do wonder however if some poor tiler had the devil of a time when half the tiles were made by some 6 foot nordic import, and the other half were made by the archetypal tiny old Italian guy.

On Sat, 22 Jan 2022 at 05:20, mel jacobson <> wrote:
It includes, a 36 inch square piece of canvas, used.
two 1/4 inch sticks 36 inches long.
1 very large rolling pin, used in a bakery.
It all rolls up and fits behind your wheel until needed.
It can be used left to right, right to left, top to bottom
and bottom to top  or, rolled at any angle. Add newspaper
and it can be flipped over easily.

One can add sawdust or silica sand to the canvas and
make a lovely pattern. Ms.Rhudy adds string and stuff to
make a rich surface.  Nice

We are planning an international workshop here at the farm soon.
"The rolling pin, a forgotten skill".
We are looking for the 97 year old lady named "Sally" who taught
us to "sling clay at an angle on a concrete floor".  Paper thin.

We will also do a side lesson in "elbow pots".  Take a ball of clay
in your hand and slam it into your opposite bare elbow. Great for soy sauce.
You can make 100 of them in 45 minutes.

On sale.  $485.18
Shipping.  $14.67
(includes an instruction sheet with one photo.)
The workshop is estimated to cost $2085.