The corollary to your point about "the most influential potters" is that if Jeff doesn't include a few from other cultures or countries, or even better, offbeat choices, then you're just instituting an echo chamber.

Which is far far worse.

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This is devolving into a fiasco of favorite potters or "best" potters rather
than the twenty MOST INFLUENTIAL POTTERS of the past century, which is what
Jeff Weiland asked for.  And by influential, I am assuming Jeff means the
potters who had the greatest influence on the subsequent evolution of
utilitarian studio pottery (not sculptural vessels or pure sculpture).  And
if you are talking about the most influential on the evolution of
utilitarian clay, it lets out all the most recent potters, however wonderful
they are. 

My list is confined to the twenty potters who I think had the greatest
influence on American utilitarian studio pottery, because that's what I know
from my 30 years teaching ceramics in academia.  So please remember that
this is must my own opinion.  I'm selecting from throughout the 20th
century.  We don't have enough information on potters who have risen to
success in the 21st century to know how influential they will be. 

Adelaide Alsop Robineau, Charles Fergus Binns, George Ohr, F. Carlton Ball,
Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, Val Cushing, Warren McKenzie, Toshiko
Takaezu, Ken Ferguson, David Shaner, Lucie Rie, Shoji Hamada, Robin Hopper,
Tom Coleman, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Oestreich, Linda Christianson, Randy
Johnston, Josh DeWeese.

Who have I left out?
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Potter, Writer, Teacher
Chapel Hill, NC

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I'm working on the curriculum for an advanced high school ceramics class. I
have a question...and wanted to start a debate!!!! I find great value in
learning from but not copying potters from years gone by. We already work
with porcelain and Chinese forms, earthenware and Greek forms, Native
American forms with slip decoration, and a few other cultures. What I want
to compile is a list of twenty or so most influential potter/artists, from
the past century or so, that I can use for research assignments. I have some
of my favorites like Reitz, Voulkos, Coleman, Troy, etc. Suggestions and
"why" would be welcomed. Variety is important.

Jeff Weiland
409 Blaine Street
Knightstown, IN 46148