More mundane pottery problem:  I use Liquid Latex, ammonia based, for masking.  I find it does a good job and although more expensive than wax resist gives me latitude for playing with glaze layering and pattern design.

The problem is that it sure messes up my brushes.  Has anyone discovered a way to get the stuff out of brushes?

thanks,  ginger in the anza borrego desert

On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 4:51 PM mel jacobson <> wrote:
Re-fire of kiln after a storm ruined my firing two days ago.
Nice today, cold, no wind to speak of.
The goddess fairy of kilns sprinkled gold dust in my hair.

Kiln fired in under 5 hours to cone 8 just over, no reduction
back pressure at all.  Did about two hours of pre/fire with a tiny
burner just to make sure the re/fires are warm before the main burners
go on. So, we will see if the glazes are lovely.

Thanks for listening, as I am sort of a newby and need support.
Love to all, and may you be blessed at this wonderful spring season.
A perfect Easter for me would be Church in this tiny community, then
attend a perfect Seder dinner and get to ask the "questions".

I have listened hundreds of nights in Dubai to the call for prayer. It is
Amazing.  Respect is a wonderful concept.

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We never cut off honest discussion. We all dislike pushing a political
agenda on clayart, or someone that is loaded at 2 a.m.
And please respect that I have to read every post, every post sent to
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